Are you bored of partying in the traditional way in your home, hotel or a nearby club? If yes, then why not make your next party mobile? That means you can take your guests anywhere. Yes, with a party bus in hand, you can actually do this. You can hire a party bus as your party venue or book it as transportation to your party venue. This venue on wheels can be decorated as per your desired theme.

6 Unique Party Bus Theme Ideas

  1. Battle of the Decades

Invite your guest with a note on the bottom saying “dress up in clothing from their favorite decade”. You may also choose to go with a particular decade and center the party on it. You may also choose to go with roaring 20’s and decorate the bus in a jazz club style with magnets on the windows.

  1. School Pride

Let your school and college days come alive by dressing up your party bus in that style.

  • Eighties Aerobics Party: utilize spandex in your outfit and also in decorations.
  • American High School Stereotypes: dress up as a Goth, or Jock, or a Cheerleader and use pom poms to decorate the party bus.
  1. Bowling Event

Bowling is a favorite sport for people of every age. You can use a charter bus to enhance your bowling themed evening. You can go bar hopping until you reach the event venue. Reach to your destination right on time with your buddies and cheer for your favorite team.

  1. Old Hollywood Glamour

You can select this party bus theme if you are throwing a party for a movie buff. You can either select a particular movie and theme the entire event around it. Also, you can choose to set up the party bus creating a Hollywood theme by including a red-carpet welcome for your guests as they step aboard. You can serve your guests with snacks and popcorn in vintage boxes.

  1. Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery party theme has been a favorite among people of all ages. The party buses serve as a perfect setting for any kind of murder mystery. You can use the music system and play some ominous music for creating a thrilling atmosphere. You may also ask the chauffeur to dim the lights and keep the guests guessing. Appoint your detective, suspects, witnesses, and the deceased and get ready to solve the murder mystery.

  1. Mardi Gras

Traditionally for a Mardi Gras celebration, gold, purple and green are the famous colors used. Get ready with your streamer and beads to be a part of this New Orleans-inspired festivity. Style your party bus in the traditional colors and distribute masks to your guests as party favors. The decorated luxury transport vehicle will make your arrival at the destination more stylish and extravagant.

Are you ready to get your party rolling? Book a Crown’s party bus and style it in any of the above-mentioned themes. We can also decorate the bus according to your preferred party bus theme.