In the past two decades limo buses, popular as disco buses or party buses have replaced the stretched limo cars that were once a popular medium for rolling an extravagant party on wheels. The party buses have now taken over as the fun medium of entertaining transportation. These are opted by many to organize an event in a lavish way. Just like a traditional limo, you can expect every kind of amenity and comfort inside the party bus. It is the large and versatile space of a party bus that makes it the best hire for organizing a big party or event on wheels.

Many people consider a party bus as a night club on wheels. This bus serves as a unique venue that has several advantages and disadvantages. In this piece, we shall be discussing a few of them.

Advantages of Hiring a Party Bus

Here are a few benefits of hiring a party bus:

Price – A party bus hire is an expensive affair than renting a traditional limo car. But unlike a limo, a party bus has room for a larger group. You can easily divide the total rental price among your group of buddies travelling with you. This will help you save enough money.

Amenities – A party bus rental equips many luxurious amenities to make your ride both comfortable and entertaining. These include an outstanding sound system, a big LED screen, brilliant lighting system, and a mini-bar for the entertainment of your guests. The party bus also includes plush leather seating, air conditioners, a washroom, and a storeroom to make the ride comfortable. Some of the party rental service providers also offer a dance floor and disco lights to add to the guest entertainment.

Spacious – Unlike a limo car, which provides space for a small group of 8 to 10 people, a party bus has room to accommodate a large group of people. The service providers have a big fleet of buses that range from a small bus size that can provide room to fit in around 15-20 people comfortably to a larger size of a bus that can make room for up to 40 people. Each of these buses includes all types of standard amenities to make every celebration happening.

Privacy – A party inside a limo is a private affair, and just like this way, a sense of privacy is maintained inside a party bus too. The driving area is separated in a party bus from the main compartment where you can comfortably party in your style keeping it private from the driver as well. The huge windows of the party bus are tinted so that no one outside gets even a hint of the party happening inside.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Party Bus

Along with the several advantages of renting a party bus, there are many demerits to it.

Clashing – The casual and fun style of a party bus rental can clash with the style required for elegant or sober events.

Size – The large size of the party buses can be a reason for an additional cleaning fee.