If you are thinking to organize a party in a unique style, then doing it on a limo bus is a superb idea. If required, the decorations and catering services can also be organized by the limo bus company. But, what about the games and activities, that adds to the fun of every party and makes it a hit? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we shall be discussing 5 most popular gaming ideas that can be considered for your next social gathering on a limo bus.

5 Fun Games for playing in a Limo Bus

1) License Plate Games

An old road trip game is still a hit with many youngsters as well as old fellows. Write down a list of American states on a piece of paper and distribute the list to the participants of the game.  They will have to check off the state when they see a license plate of that state passing by. Make it time bound and the one who strikes off the most within that time period is the winner.

2) Statues

You can make use of the music system on your limo bus to play statues. Dance to the music as long as it plays. When the music stops, freeze immediately and remain in a statue position. Whoever moves even when the music is stopped goes out of the game. Play the music again and repeat it until you are left with a single player in the end. He/she wins the game.

3) Charades

The list of gaming ideas would remain incomplete without charades. You can use movie titles, or songs, or celebrities. Divide your guest into two teams and let them compete against each other. You can also have individuals play the game and win points for themselves. Watching your guests perform actions and let the other guessing would certainly be fun.

4) Karaoke Sing-Off

A karaoke night out is something everyone enjoys. You can also have it as a fun game on your limo bus. The big LED screens on the bus can be used here. Divide your guests into different groups and give them a song to sing. Let the teams select a song of their choice and play the lyrics on the screen. Your guests would definitely enjoy singing their favorite tracks while on the move.

5) The Dare Game

The dare game makes every party hit. So, you can include this game in your party. Most parties will generally have people of both genders. Make teams of couples and ask them to write down a dare that they would like to do as a couple. Collect the chits in a bowl and shuffle it. Now, ask the couples to pick a chit.  Let the couple perform the dare written on the chit.

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