Are you considering hiring a party bus for your next group travel? Well, besides the fun things you are planning to do on board, never forget to include your destination. You can travel with your group to a lot of places, alongside having fun in the party bus. You can also choose to ride to a distant place while partying with your group as you roll to your destination. In most cases, the rent of your party bus is determined by the number of hours you spend aboard. So, ensure that your travel destination fits within that specific time. In this article, we shall be taking a look at different party bus destination ideas that you can choose for your next party bus hire.

Party Bus Destination Ideas

  • A Concert: You and your group of friends might always have thought of going to a live concert but gave up the idea as you could not figure out a designated driver to do the driving. A party bus hire will solve this problem. A chauffeur always accompanies a party bus who would handle the driving as well as the parking. But before you buy the concert tickets, make sure to book a party bus for your ride.
  • A Football Game: Have you ever been to a football stadium with your buddies and cheered for your favorite team? If not yet, then why not do it this time? Hiring a party bus will sort out the driving and parking concerns. The chauffeur will not only pick you up from your home but will also drop you back after the game.
  • The Bowling Alley: Bowling is fun more than just anything. Hire a party bus to travel to lanes with your group. A party bus ride to the lanes will also allow you to enjoy in a party mood with your friends on the way. Is there anything more fun than bowling? You can book a bus to drive you to your favorite lanes. Reach out to your favorite lanes and throw a few games. You must always call the alley and make reservations if you are traveling with a big group.
  • A Brewery or Vineyard: A visit to a brewery or a winery tour is one of the best ways to spend time with your group of buddies. Most of the party bus service providers offer specific winery tours, designed only for adults. If you take this tour, you might get to taste different kinds of wines or beer. And since you will be on a party bus, you will not have to worry about driving after being drunk. The licensed chauffeur will ensure that you get back to your home safely.
  • The Zoo or an Aquarium: When planning a birthday party especially for your kid, you need to be very careful with the decorations, food, games, etc. So, it is always better to hire a party bus and take all of the little guests to a zoo or aquarium, while they party on the way. Most of the party bus companies can arrange for catering and décor services on demand.

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