It is often assumed that a bachelor party must include unusual dancing type, a variety of booze, and some other experiences. But, a perfect bachelor’s need not follow these assumptions. Just think out of the box and plan a bachelor’s for your best buddy in an unusual way. Party bus is one of the most happening and unique way of making a celebration fun and worth remembering. So, why not consider this popular way of celebrating your friend’s last moments of bachelorhood? From the many advantages of using a party bus for a bachelor party, one of the key benefits is that you wouldn’t have to nominate a driver.

Few Tips for making the Bachelor Party worth remembering

Create a playlist of groom’s favourites

For making your bachelor party rocking, you will need to combine the apt musical tracks. Since the party is for the groom to be, it is always great if you create the playlist that will include his favourites. Also, make sure that there is a little something for everyone. So, you can also create a playlist that includes all the hits that kept your group bonded together.

Plan a Theme

You can add a sports theme and attend a big sports event while going bar hopping on the party bus. Wear jerseys of your favourite team and decorate the bus with balloons and banners of your favourite team. You can also take up a zombie theme to make your bachelors night fun and extravagant. Pop culture or superhero theme is also recommended for a bachelor party. Make sure that you keep the decorations simple and easy to clean after the party gets over.

Plan a Menu

In order to make your bachelor party unforgettable, ensure that the food and drinks that you select, speak of the party theme. Again ensure that the menu centers on the preferences of the guest of honour (groom to be). If he happens to be a foodie, then you can arrange for a buffet with all the exotic dishes that he and all your buddies would love.

Decide for some Stops

Although you will have a sensational time on the bus, ensure to stop at some famous places on the way. Reach a stop, have a little fun there and return on board to continue partying on the way to the next stop. You, as the best man, should keep these stops secret and let everyone on the party bus be surprised.

Create a Photo Slideshow

You may consider travelling to a long distance while having a great time on the party bus. You can create a slideshow that includes the pictures of the groom to be from his childhood and other moments of his lifetime. Take advantage of the LED screen on the party bus to display the slideshow. It will create some fun and laughter, while re-living some great memories.

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